How to Rename Your Kongonaut

Jan 12, 2023 09:22 -0500

When you own a Kongonaut, you can give your Kongonaut a name.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the website:


  1. Click “Connect” and choose either metamask or wallet connect if you are on mobile:


  1. You’ll be prompted to sign a message so the website can authenticate your wallet. This will not cost any gas or create any transactions. Make sure you are connected to the ethereum network and are using the account that has your Kongonaut in it:


  1. After you sign, the signature is validated, and it will show “Connected”:


  1. Click “Connected” to bring up the account menu, and choose “My Tokens”:


  1. On the My Tokens page, you can select the Kongonaut you want to rename:


  1. Click the “Rename” button for the Kongonaut you want to rename and a form will open you can enter the name name and click “Save”:

Rename form

  1. After a short time you should see your changes on OpenSea or the website. You can refresh the metadata on OpenSea if it takes longer than you expect.