Decks emblem

A deck is the computer system the kongonaut uses to access the network. Separately, they can use a VR kit and various displays, such as a VR headset or VR display glasses to visualize how they move through the network and do things. This is a listing of the decks and their properties.

Negative Gravity (grav)

grav deck

Negative grav, you’re right, it shouldn’t work. One of the most rare decks, highly sought after for its superior processing power and visualization routines. The grav deck is one of the slickest, fastest around.


Fukuoka deck

Created in the back alleys of Fukuoka, Japan. The F-deck uses an advanced instruction set combined with onboard machine learning and an unheard of number of cores that almost, but not quite, matches the speed of the grav deck. The F-deck’s graphics are said by many to outpace the grav’s.

Banana Pi

banana pi deck

Small, built to be inexpensive and low power, highly portable. Banana Pi-s are easy to use and easy to replace, so don’t worry about redlining them until they melt.


Quant deck

The quantum computer is unlike anything another hacker has used. Though the technology is new and is not quite perfected yet. Most of the time they sing beautifully, but every once in a while it will hit all the wrong notes for no explicable reason.

Holographic (holo)

Holographic deck

Holographic decks take the full time-space continuum into account, for the most realistic rendering possible. It feels as if you are there, next to whatever you might be talking to on the net. They are still somewhat new, and need the proper care, otherwise they can become unstable.


Crystalline deck

Crystalline decks have perfect memory. When you net battle the crystalline deck will remember your opponent’s moves from before and give you an advantage when you are rematched with the same opponent.


Peach deck

Peaches are cobbled together from old gaming systems by gamer Kongonauts. There’s a lot of hidden cheat codes that can unlock both defensive and offensive maneuvers. Be careful, sometimes they take a bit of practice to perfect your moves.


Wall deck

Wall decks give you the best defensive profile around. If you are up against an aggressive opponent, this will give you an excellent defensive advantage.


Microchip deck

A little more expensive than the banpi, but a little more powerful as a result. This is mostly your low tech diy with a little more umph.


Alpha deck

An older cyberspace deck, but prized among the keyboard cowboys of times past. It’s like using a tube amplifier versus digital, once you learn the timings and the feel, it can make all the difference.


Rage deck

Rage decks are a combination of aggressive overclocking and fewer cores. It is easy to give in to berserker mode, but the circuits will respond appropriately.